Final Programme !

WE DID IT! A new record with more than 1200 participants! See all of you in Berlin!


Saturday, 22.10.2022

15.30 – 18.30    Secretaries General Meeting; on invitation only
20.00                  Secretaries General Dinner; on invitation only

Sunday, 23.10.2022

10.00 – 13.00    Secretaries General Meeting; on invitation only
14.00 – 17.00    Secretaries General Meeting; on invitation only
14.00 – 20:30    Opening of Registration Desk (n.b.: Trade Floor remains closed and will only open on Monday, 24.10. at 08.00h!)
19.30 – 22.30    Welcome Party; open to all registered participants, accompanying persons and guests
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Monday, 24.10.2022

08.00   Opening of Trade & Exhibition Floor

Spotlight on Germany!

  • “The German agri-business sector: trends and challenges”
    Christian Janze; Assurance Market Lead and Managing Partner Ernst & Young Germany
  • “Germany’s seed sector: a history of diversity and collaboration“
    Dieter Rücker; Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter

Communicating seed innovation

  • “Let’s grow the future together!”
    Erika Maugeri & Darya Chernokova, Communications team, Euroseeds

Monitoring of Illegal Seed Activities

Nils Elmegaard and Corné Beers

CAP implementing provisions

Cover crops

Rejection rates for variety listing and protection

Key markets and value chain partners

Meeting organisation 2023

Priorities 2023

Well meant is not well done – how the Sustainable Use Regulation actually may harm the sustainability of EU seed and crop production

  • “An introduction to the Commission’s proposal for the new Sustainable Use Regulation”
    Anja Klatt, Senior Manager Public & Government Affairs, Agricultural Solutions, BASF
  • “Small areas, big impact! How banning crop protection in sensitive areas backfires on sustainability”
    Markus Gierth, Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter BDP
    Sophie Lejealle, Union Francaise de Semenciers UFS
  • A view across sectors 
    Max Schulman, Chair of the Agri-Food Chain Roundtable for Plant Protection
  • Latest trends and challenges in seed processing: how we can benefit from Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, industry 4.0…
    Aron Demeter and Alexander Schwemberger, Bühler UK

EU Seed Equivalence

Where do we go with maize and sorghum? An overview of market developments and trends

Pierre Guillaumin and Martin Gomez, FNPSMS and Sorghum ID

Key markets and value chain partners

Meeting organisation 2023

Priorities 2023

Get your act together!

The world embraces breeding innovation while Europe risks to be left behind.

  • Introduction by Petra Jorasch; Manager Plant Breeding Innovation Advocacy, Euroseeds
  • “PILTONgenome editing for more sustainable wheat production”
    Stefan Streng, Saatzucht Streng-Engelen, Germany
  • “Low Acrylamide wheat for a healthier diet”
    Nigel Halford, Professor, Rothamsted Research, UK
  • Panel discussion
    with speakers and Nigel Moore, KWS Saat SE/BSPB, UK and Diego Risso, Secretary General of SAA Seed Association of the Americas, Uruguay

Farm Saved Seed and Royalty Collection & potential challenges in the new PRM legislation

Justus Boehm, Chair Euroseeds WG on Farm Saved Seed

Cereal variety mixtures in the seed certification system

Birger Eriksen, Chair Euroseeds SCP

Update on other SCP topics: hybrid wheat, protein plan

Key markets and value chain partners

Meeting organisation 2023

Priorities 2023


Making it happen – how to make the EU Protein Plan work

  • Introduction by Virginie Bortolussi, Chair Euroseeds Protein TF, Corteva
  • “Study on feeding strategies to diversify protein sources in the EU”
    Laurent Mercier, European Commission, DG AGRI
  • “A way to accelerate innovation by joining efforts: plant breeding and the agri-food chain“
    Raphaelle Senio-Girerd ; Responsable Fonds d’Innovation et Filières durables, SOFIPROTEOL
  • “A roadmap to protein”
    Amrit Nanda, Executive Manager, ‘Plants for the Future’ European Technology Platform
  • Panel debate moderated by Cesar Gonzalez, Manager Public Affairs, Euroseeds
  • Setting the agenda from research to policies through EU projects
    Nick Vangheluwe, Manager Research Policy and Project Coordination, Euroseeds

Market development reports

  • Oilseed Rape: Fabrice Roux, Limagrain
  • Sunflower: Nicolas Colliot, Syngenta
  • Soybean: Francois Paybou, Lidea
  • Hemp: Christophe Fevrier, HempIt

RED Renewable Energy Directive III: perspectives of biofuels from biomass

Stephan Arens, UFOP

Key Markets and value chain partners

Meeting organisation 2023

Priorities 2023

20.00  Euroseeds Board and Honorary Guests Dinner; on invitation only
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Tuesday, 25.10.2022

08.00 Opening of Trade & Exhibition Floor

The DSI mess: how a useful innovation is turned against its users

  • Information on genetic resources – what, how and why?
    Sandra Goritschnig, Scientific Officer, ECPGR
  • What is this mess all about?
    Szonja Csörgő, Director IP and Legal Affairs, Euroseeds
  • Reflection by
    Alvaro Toledo, Deputy Secretary a.i. to the FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
  • The sustainable Use Regulation and the potato seed sector
    Justus Böhm, General Manager, Böhm-Nordkartoffel Agrarproduktion

Another fine mess… Where we (still) are(n’t) with seed and Brexit

  • A potato view
    Douglas Harley, Harley Seeds, UK

Key markets and value chain partners

Meeting organisation 2023

Priorities 2023

It matters!

Towards more sustainable seed innovation and growth in the European Union –  what’s IP got to do with it?

  • “The impact of the community plant variety rights system on the EU economy and environment”
    Francesco Mattina, President, CPVO and Nathan Wajsman, Chief Economist, EUIPO
  • EU-funded breeding for sustainability traits (BRESOV)
    Teodoro Cardi, Senior Researcher at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and Associate Researcher at CREA, and Amelie Detterbeck, Technical Expert Euroseeds

If you can’t beat it… Why ToBRFV needs management, not eradication 

Marleen Maassen, Chair Euroseeds WG ToBRFV

Biological and chemical treatments: workshop concept

Overview SVO activities

Key markets and value chain partners

Priorities 2023

Reconciling food security and sustainability through innovations. The perfect storm: food (in)security in times of crisis

  • “Setting the scene”
    Ismahane Elouafi, Chief Scientist, Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO
  • “A parliamentary contribution to the policy debate”
    Juozas Olekas, MEP; S&D Group, Lithuania, Member of the Committee for Agriculture and Chair of the Land Use and Food Production Intergroup of the EP
  • “Europe’s response: The Green Deal”
    Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General DG SANTE, European Commission
  • “A view from across the Atlantic”
    Kirsten Luxbacher, Agricultural Attache, United States Embassy to Germany
  • Panel debate and open discussion
    moderated by Marcel Bruins, Editorial Director SeedWorld Europe Magazine
  • Concluding remarks
    Garlich von Essen, Secretary General Euroseeds

Best Student 2022 Award of the European Plant Breeding Academy

Jovan Djordjevic, Director Education, UC Davis; Shawn Brook, President, SeedWorld Group

Wednesday, 26.10.2022

08.00                 Opening of Trade & Exhibition Floor
09.00 – 12.30    Section Vegetables and Ornamentals Working Group Integrated Companies; Members only
08.30 – 13.30    Section Potatoes; Members only
13.30 – 15.30    Section Vegetables and Ornamentals Working Group Integrated Companies; Members only
16.00                 Closing of the Congress