About Prague

Geography of Prague

The Czech Republic is geographically located in the centre of Europe, surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Germany. Prague is the largest and the capital city of the Czech Republic. Rich in its historical heritage, this attractive city is the commercial and cultural centre of Czech Republic. Prague is situated in the heart of the Bohemian Basin which has a ring of mountainous surroundings. The Vlata River runs through the city. The metropolitan area of Prague consists of over 2.7 million people and the population of Prague city is over 1.3 million.


Prague Climate

Prague has an oceanic climate. The winters are relatively cold and with very little sunshine. Summers usually bring plenty of sunshine.

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The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech. Spoken by nearly 13 million native speakers. Although many people in the Czech Republic have a base knowledge of the English language



The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union but uses its own currency, the Czech koruna, instead of the euro.



In Prague, public transportation are the metro, tramway and bus. It is also possible to use river shuttles, which cross the Vltava River, the funicular railway that climbs the Petřín Hill and some train lines.


Mlýnec Restaurant

Novotného lávka 9, 110 00 Praha 1
(Distance to venue: 2,7 km)

Mlynec restaurant

V Zátiší Restaurant

Liliová 1, 110 00 Prague 1
(Distance to venue: 3,9 km)

Zatisi restaurant

Bellevue Restaurant

Karoliny Světlé 34, 110 00 Praha 1
(Distance to venue: 4 km)

Bellevue restaurant

Alcron Restaurant

Štěpánská 40, 110 00 Praha 1
(Distance to venue: 3,6 km)

Alcron restaurant

Field Restaurant

U Milosrdných 12, 110 00 Praha 1
(Distance to venue: 2,5 km)

Kampa Park Restaurant

Na Kampě 8b, Prague 159
(Distance to venue: 3,1 km)

Kampa Park restaurant


Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

(Distance to venue: 2,5 km)

Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and
finished in the beginning of the 15th century. The bridge is 516 meters long and
nearly 10 meters wide, resting on 16 arches shielded by ice guards.

It is protected by three bridge towers, two of them on the Lesser Quarter side and the third one on the Old Town side. The Old Town bridge tower is often considered to be one of the most astonishing civil gothic-style buildings in the world.

The bridge is decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues and statuaries, most of them baroque-style, erected around 1700.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square

(Distance to venue: 1,8 km)

Step into the Old Town Square in Prague and journey back in time, 600 or 700 years. As you stand in awe, the dramatic history of Prague permeates the air.

The Old Town Square is one of two main squares in the city centre. With its ancient buildings and magnificent churches, this is one of the most beautiful historical sites in Europe. The Old Town Square’s most notable sights are the Church of Our Lady, stunning St. Nicholas Church and the Old Town Hall Tower & Astronomical Clock.

The Old Town Hall Tower is one of the most striking buildings in Prague. Inside is a staircase and an elevator, which visitors can climb or ride to the top to take in beautiful views over the Old Town.

Prague Jewish quarter

Jewish Quarter

(Distance to venue: 1,7 km)

The Jewish Quarter (Josefov) in Prague is located between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River. It’s the only Central European Jewish town quarter to survive the Holocaust.

The Jewish Quarter has: six synagogues, including Maisel Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue and the Old-New Synagogue; the Jewish Ceremonial Hall; and the Old Jewish Cemetery, the most remarkable of its kind in Europe. They form the best preserved complex of historical Jewish monuments in the whole of Europe.


Strahov Monastery

(Distance to venue: 5,7 km)

Strahov Monastery is majestically located, and from upon its perch over the city, it looks down upon Petrin Hill, and the vineyards below.

This Premonstratensian monastery was founded in 1140. In the complex there is the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the rare Strahov Library with a number of medieval manuscripts, maps and globes, the Baroque Theological Hall, the Classical Philosophy Hall decorated with frescoes, and the Strahov Gallery, one of the most significant Central European collections of Gothic painting, Rudolfian art, and Baroque and Rococo paintings.


The Dancing House

(Distance to venue: 3,2 km)

The Prague Dancing House, a highly original building resembling and also inspired by two dancers – the immortally famous duo of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

The Nationale Nederlanden building, known as the “Dancing House” or sometimes “Fred and Ginger”, is one of the most significant landmarks in Prague and definitely the most internationally renowned piece of post-1989 Czech architecture.

It is home to almost 3000 square meters of office premises, a restaurant, a gallery, and a conference centre. Most importantly, there is a sightseeing terrace on top of it, from which you can overlook the breathtaking panorama of Prague.